New PlayStation 4 rumors emerge. Working title named 'Orbis'

New rumors have emerged via a reliable source that the next PlayStation will be released sometime late 2013/early 2014. The console’s name, or at least its codename, is Orbis and a few bits of rumored information about the system has been revealed.

The source supplied some general specifications about the console, but seeing as its rumored to not be released for nearly two more years, these specs will likely change, even if they are accurate.

- AMD x64 CPU
- AMD Southern Island GPU
- Resolution of 4096x2160
- 3D games in 1080p

The source also stated that select developers have been given dev kits for the new console.


Some more unconfirmed information about the systems capabilities have also been revealed. The upcoming console will not be backwards compatible with PlayStation 3 games and the system will include some sort of piracy measure that will restrict users from playing pre-owned or used games. In order to play these used games, consumers will need to pay a fee to unlock or register the game.

One of the many FAKE prototype images of Sony’s next console.

It’s important to remember that none of this information is confirmed at this stage but is offered up by a source who has been reliable in the past. Only time will tell what Sony plans to do with an upcoming console and only Sony will be the company responsible for confriming this information.


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