Video Game Music of the Week - 2

Kirby’s Dreamland (Gameboy)


‘Green Greens’, ‘Float Islands’ and ‘King Dedede’.

Jun Ishikawa

This weeks ‘Game of the Week’ was a Gameboy game, and it got me thinking about how great some of the music on that system is. It’s got such a simple sound range, but the music on that system does things that you wouldn’t except from such a small handheld device from more than a decade ago. The premise to Kirby’s Dreamland was simple. Go through four different levels, defeat the boss at the end and then go through a Final level, with elements from each level and defeat the final boss. Each stage was visually different, and the music matched the type of environment that each level was set in. The first two songs, ‘Green Greens’ and ‘Float Islands’ are from two of the four main levels in the game. The final song, ‘King Dedede’ is from the game’s finale and is named after the games final boss.

Green Greens

This is the iconic Kirby theme.

Float Islands

King Dedede

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