Video Game Music of the Week - 3

Final Fantasy X (PS2)


‘Besaid Island’, ‘Spira Unplugged’ and ‘To Zanarkand’.

Nobuo Uematsu
Junya Nakano
Masashi Hamauzu

Final Fantasy X brought us a different soundtrack than what we would usually expect from a Final Fantasy game, based on what we had heard from previous entries in the series. A number of the songs on this soundtrack, including the first two on this list, scream ‘Tropical’ and give an island vibe to many of the locations themes.

The main theme to Final Fantasy X is ‘Suteki Da Ne’. I have chosen not to add this song to this post, but the song ‘Spira Unplugged’ could be considered a remix to ’Suteki Da Ne’, as it is very similar in melody.

One of the most beautiful songs in this game, and even Final Fantasy games in general, is ‘To Zanarkand’. This song is played during many important parts of the Final Fantasy X story and is also played during the opening, when the game is turned on, before the player presses start. Final Fantasy X was a turning point for the series, and it’s music was a factor that contributed to this. Enjoy!

Besaid Island

Spira Unplugged

To Zanarkand

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