Chrono Trigger hits the iPhone this year [UPDATE]


As of today Chrono Trigger has been officially released for iOS. The game is selling on the app store for AUD$10.49.


Chrono Trigger is often listed near or at the top of 'Best SNES games of all time' lists. The reason is because Chrono Trigger is definitely one of them. Now you will be able to replay, or play for the first time, this classic and superb RPG, originally created for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System on your iPhone.

Sqaure-Enix, the games publisher, has recently announced on its blog that the highly loved RPG will be coming to iPhone sometime during December this year. A price is unknown, as is a specific date. You can check out some images of the game and it's new touch screen interface below. When great games get a second (or third or fourth) release on a different console during a different era, the game gets a new life and is able to reach people it may not have been able to when it was originally released and this is a good thing, as no gamer should not get the chance to experience the charm of Chrono Trigger at least once.




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