Playstation Vita restrictions [UPDATE 2]


Looks like the original statement was more accurate. The PSN account is linked to the memory card AND the hardware. A full system restore is required to change accounts. This is a bit of a downer for those wishing to share a Playstation Vita.


The PSN account restrictions are linked to the Memory Card. By removing the memory card, and placing another one in the system, you can then be able to have another PSN account. More specifically, the accounts are tethered to the Vita’s memory card.


Looks like the upcoming portable console from Playstation, The Playstation Vita, will restrict users from using multiple PSN accounts on the device. The console will be tethered to a single PSN account, and if the user wishes to change the account, they must first perform a full restore on their portable gaming device. This won’t affect single users really, but may be a burden for those who wish to share the device with brothers/sisters or anyone else. The Playstation Vita is due for release on February the 23rd, early next year, retailing at AUD$349.95.

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