The Last Story coming to Europe (and possibly Australia). [UPDATE]


Looks like Australia will be receiving the game a day earlier than those in Europe. The Last Story will be released for the Wii on February 23, 2012. Get excited for the latest game by Hironobu Sakaguchi, the famed developer of the Final Fantasy series.

The Last Story, an action RPG game for the Wii that was released to rave reviews in Japan, has been given a release date for Europe. The Japanese RPG, which was developed by Mistwalker, a company that was founded by Final Fantasy creator Hironobu Sakaguchi, received a 38/40 in a Famitsu review, with two of the reviewers giving the game a perfect 10. This is great news for Wii owners who enjoy the RPG genre.

The Game will be hitting shelves in Europe on the 24th of February, which means that Australia may be seeing a release sometime after. The game hasn’t been announced for North America as of yet, but seeing how Xenoblade Chronicles eventually got a release date in North America, it wouldn’t be a surprise if they got one for The Last Story too.

The Wii is a system that is lacking in RPG games, especially those with great reviews, and the release of The Last Story in Europe is helping breath fresh life into the ‘over five year old’ console. Stay tuned to the site for any news on an Australian release date.

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