Two 3DS Zelda games on the way? [UPDATE]

[UPDATE] 18.01.2012

Looks like this appears to be a fake. It seemed a little off considering the strange name and oddly designed logo, but it is still a great attempt to fool us all. Stay tuned for any more information regarding a future Zelda title.

A rumour has appeared stating that the upcoming Legend of Zelda game for 3DS will be released as two titles, much like the Oracle of Seasons/Ages games and similar to what Pokemon have done with every major release.

An image has been found of two logos for the potential future games which can be seen below. The Japanese text translates to “Fire Prophecy” and “Ice Prophecy.” The images first appeared on 4Chan.

Fingers crossed that we hear some more details about the upcoming games, and the validity of these logos. Either way, this is exciting news for Zelda fans if it does turn out to have some truth to it.

Early on, Nintendo announced that they were working on two new Zelda titles. Most presumed that they meant one for the 3DS and one for the upcoming Wii U, but this simultaneous release may be more what they meant.

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