Street Fighter X Mega Man Announced


Our favourite blue bomber has had a rough couple of years. With the cancellation of two games,
Mega Man Universe and Mega Man Legends 3, right before its 25th anniversary year. Capcom has announced a new crossover game starring Mega Man and a slew of Street Fighter favourites in a mashup style game based on the classic Mega Man series titled Street Fighter X Mega Man.

Coming December 17 as a free PC download (thats right, free!) the game will feature all new power ups for Mega Man and will put a number of Street Fighter characters in the place of the infamous Robot Masters.

Mega Man celebrates his 25th anniversary starting December 17, the day the crossover game will be available to the public, and Capcom has announced that on the same day you will definitely hear more about their plans to celebrate one of their most well-loved characters.

Source: Capcom-Unity
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