Virtual Console Coming To Wii U


The Wii U will be getting a Virtual Console service very soon and it will feature GamePad compatibility and Miiverse integration.

Starting today though, users may take part in the Virtual Console Trial Campaign where they can download one special title each month for the low LOW price of $0.30. This special introductory price will only last for the month, after which it will increase to its regular price.

The titles that will be available during the Virtual Console Trial Campaign includes
Balloon Fight, F-Zero, Punch-Out Featuring Mr. Dream, Kirby’s Adventure, Super Metroid, Yoshi and Donkey Kong.

During the presentation, Nintendo President Satoru Iwata also announced plans to make Game Boy Advance games available through the service, alongside the already confirmed NES and SNES titles. These are the three systems that have currently been confirmed.

The Wii U Virtual Console will feature a fresh line up of classic titles, meaning that it may be low on content to begin with. If you have previously purchased the same game on the Wii Virtual Console eShop, you will be able to download the title at a greatly reduced price.

Source: Nintendo Wii U Direct

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