Year of Luigi Starts Now! New 3DS Games Announced.


Nintendo has tentatively titled 2013 the ‘Year of Luigi!’

During the latest Nintendo Direct broadcast, Shigeru Miyamoto went into detail about the upcoming
Luigi’s Mansion 2, which will be hitting shelves this March.

President Satoru Iwata also revealed two new games (featuring Luigi of course) coming to the 3DS this year. The first is a brand new, untitled
Mario & Luigi RPG game that will have a focus on Luigi and his dreams. The other is a new Mario Golf game titled Mario Golf World Tour.

Also, in some pretty neat news,
New Super Luigi U will be available in the Wii U eShop at some point in the future. This Luigi-centric DLC for New Super Mario Bros. U will include a bundle of brand new levels, based on the original map in New Super Mario Bros. U. The DLC is being developed similar to full software, and will take some time before it is ready for download.

Source: Nintendo Direct
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