E3 Press Conference Times (Australia)

That E3 time of the year is almost upon us and with what is surely to be one of the most interesting E3 in years. Nintendo won’t be holding a press conference this year, but rather a bigger and bolder Nintendo Direct broadcast. Microsoft and Sony both have new consoles to wave in the face of the world, and will be showing what games both consoles have in store for their expected 2013 launch and beyond. As always, Electronic Arts and Ubisoft will be holding E3 press conferences, and Konami will be broadcasting a pre-E3 presentation a few days before the E3 press conferences begin. For all those in Australia, the below timetable shows local times for those living in areas with Australian Eastern Standard Time, Australian Central Standard Time and Australian Western Standard Time.

Our E3 predictions will be posted shortly.

Time E3 2013
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