Video Game Music of the Week - 20

Mega Man II (NES)


Title, Airman, Woodman, Dr. Wily Stage 1

Takashi Tateishi, Manami Matsumae

There are some games that are known for having the best Video Game Music of all time. These games are the ones in which every track brings something brilliant to the game by pushing the boundaries of Video Game Music.

Mega Man II is a musical gem and is often considered to have the best Video Game Music of all time by many people. The reason Mega Man II succeeds so well is that each track is very different and delivers a very satisfying musical melody. The entire soundtrack is so remarkably catchy and Mega Man II should always be remembered as having one of the best classic VGM soundtracks of all time, and not to mention the other games in the series, which also have high quality music such as this.

Any track from the game could easily be featured here, but I have chosen some of my personal favourites from the game.


A shorter song in the game, the title theme is a perfect way to describe the overall sensation of Mega Man II. It’s job is to excite the player and let them know that they are in for a exciting, fast paced ride.


Probably my all time favourite track from the Mega Man series. After recently listening to this song again I have been unable to get the tune out of my head. This is what I like to call the 'Mega Man Effect,' something that is present in near every Mega Man song.

When the song hits the chorus, it has this effect where all the instruments play together in sync and provides a real emphasis on the core melody of the chorus. It has this fantastic effect that makes everything seem more intense.


Another extremely catchy song, Woodman's Stage has an upbeat and driving rhythm. The interesting thing about most songs from the Mega Man series is that they have this quality to them that makes them highly driving. Even the slower songs in the series still have a sense of power to them. The song starts with a simple drum beat then Roll’s (no pun intended) straight on into the fantastic melody.

Dr. Wily Stage 1

The Mega Man series on the NES was far ahead of its time musically, and if any track from its history was a deciding factor of that, then it is Dr. Wily Stage 1. The track plays when you begin to edge closer to the game finale. The song thrives at encouraging the player and reminding them that they are close to the final confrontation with Dr. Wily (at least for this game).

Written by - Michael Villalon for ‘The VG Island’.
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