Video Game Music of the Week - 21

Fallout 3 (PlayStation 3)


Main Theme, Megaton, Into The Wasteland

Inon Zur

The soundtrack to Fallout 3 can be split up into different parts. The first are the songs that continuously play from the in-game radio station. The others are whats known as ‘Ambient Music’ that plays during many moments in the game. These ‘Ambient Tracks’ are the songs that are going to be in the spotlight for this instalment of ‘VGM of the Week.’

Inon Zur created a wonderful score that was not so-well recognised because most of the tracks remain nameless. These three songs would be considered the most well known from the game and were the few who had the honour of receiving named track titles.

Main Theme

Main themes have a way of bringing back memories to those who played the game. Fallout 3’s Main Theme is no exception and continues to have a style that was representative of the atmosphere that was present in Fallout 3.


Not many game developers create a main town area in which the actions of the player can result in said town disappearing forever. One of the most iconic moments in Fallout 3 was the ability to utterly destroy one of the main locations in the game. This track plays out eerily and interlocks perfectly with the looming doom of the nuclear warhead that sits idly in the middle of the town.

Into The Wasteland

Every adventure begins somewhere, and for Fallout 3, that moment was the first time your character emerges from Vault 101 and stares out into the desolate wasteland, with the first rays of sun they have ever seen. Into The Wasteland is such an atmospheric piece that has this deep sense of sadness and tragedy attached to it. The world has gone to hell after all.

Written by - Michael Villalon for ‘The VG Island’.
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