Video Game Music of the Week - 4

Gitaroo Man (PS2)


Twisted Reality, Flyin’ To Your Heart (English), Legendary Theme

Tomohiro Harada

The Soundtrack to Gitaroo Man is probably the most ‘pop’ soundtrack that has been featured in Video Game Music of the Week thus far, and is definitely the most ‘rock’ soundtrack to be featured as well. There are lyrics to a lot of the songs on the soundtrack and each song makes a point of emphasising the guitar tracks. The first track, Twisted Reality is played during the tutorial stage and as you can hear in the song, it has a slow progression that builds up to a more complex melody.

The second song, Flyin To Your Heart, is from the first major level in the game. The song on the English version of the game was Japanese, but there was an English version that was used for the demo. Seeing as most of the other songs are in english, i found it strange that they chose to use the Japanese version of the song for the release of the game, instead of the English version they used for the demo. It is also clearly inspired by the Korean Pop genre.

Twisted Reality

Flyin’ To Your Heart

Legendary Theme

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