Video Game Music of the Week - 8

Ragnarok Online (PC)


Peaceful Forest, Theme of Payon, Theme of Juno

SoundTeMP, Hankook, NEOCYON, Others

Ragnarok Online is a MMORPG that was originally released in 2002 in Korea. Ragnarok Online has a huge number of tracks and most of these were composed, arranged, recorded and mixed by SoundTeMP and Hankook Recording, with a few tracks by NEOCYON and others. The genre of Ragnarok Onlines music can not be specifically defined as it spans so many of them, from Techno, Jazz, Rock, Orchestral and Trance.

The first track, Peaceful Forest, is played during one of the earlier areas of the game, and is one location that nearly every player will be in at some point. The song can bring memories to those who have played Ragnarok of the first time they started their online adventure. Also, the piano parts within the song are very free flowing, and very much inspired by the jazz genre.

The second song, Theme of Payon, is the theme of the city that is home to the ‘Archers’ Job class. The track includes instruments that originated from China and has a very asian vibe to the overall city, as well as the song.

I picked the third song, Theme of Juno, because it really grabs you and tells you ‘Hey, it’s time to do some adventuring’. It’s reminiscent of old pirate adventures and has a certain level of power in its melody. The location where tho track is played is a city high in the clouds and it is the home of the ‘Sages’ headquarters.

Peaceful Forest

Theme of Payon

Theme of Juno

Written by - Michael Villalon for ‘The VG Island’.
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