Video Game Music of the Week - 312

Final Fantasy XII (PlayStation 2)


Dalmasca Estersand, Giza Plains, Theme Of The Empire, Eruyt Village, The Cerobi Steppe

Hitoshi Sakimoto, Masaharu Iwata, Hayato Matsuo

Final Fantasy XII released in 2006 for the PlayStation 2, five years after Final Fantasy X, which was the previous single-player Final Fantasy game. Final Fantasy XI did release in-between both games, but was an online-only title. The game introduced a new battle mechanic that had a more seamless transition from real-world travel into battles, with a unique system, labeled as the Gambit System. A remastered version was released this year for the PlayStation 4.

The Dalmasca Estersand
Final Fantasy XII soundtrack features a more grander and cinematic sound than all games before it. It marks another transition in the series, which occurs commonly throughout each game as it strives to set each individual story and experience apart from each of their predecessors. The Dalmasca Estersand is one of the games first explorable locations, but even being one of the early environments, it still has quite a grand feel to it.

Giza Plains
This track is another early area in the game, but has quite a heavy feel to it once it gets started. It makes players aware of the dangers surrounding the plains, but still has a slight magical and pleasant sound to it during lighter moments.

Theme Of The Empire
There is no doubt that Final Fantasy XII takes much inspiration from the Star Wars series, from both the original trilogy and the prequel trilogy. This song is a great musical showcase for this comparison, with its heavy marching drum beat, general musical progression and striking similarities to the Imperial Death March theme from Star Wars.

Eruyt Village
The location in where this track plays is a hidden forest of sorts, and the background theme tries to accomodate this idea with its magical, and calming melody.

The Cerobi Steppe
The Cerobi Steppe is one of many large, open areas in Final Fantasy XII. The music invokes a majestic feel that solidifies its awe-inspiring environment.

Written by - Michael Villalon for ‘The VG Island’.


Video Game Music of the Week - 311

Final Fantasy X (PlayStation 2)


Besaid, Spira Unplugged, Calm Before The Storm, Launch, Battle Theme, Zanarkand

Nobuo Uematsu
Masashi Hamauzu
Junya Nakano

Final Fantasy X released in 2001 for the PlayStation 2 and was the first Final Fantasy game to release on the system. It marks yet another shift in the series, being the first game to introduce voice acting into the series. As far as the music goes, it was the first game in the series that was not solely composed by series composer Nobuo Uematsu. He worked alongside Masashi Hamauzu and Junya Nakano.

We featured Final Fantasy X in our 3rd VGM of the Week article. As our podcast didn’t exist at that time, we lost the chance to feature the games soundtrack in-depth on the show because our podcast is directly influenced by the VGM of the Week articles. We are featuring the game yet again, to showcase the games music in our Video Game Music podcast, which will happen with other similar games in the future.

The background music to the island of
Besaid is like no other song in the Final Fantasy series. The track really helps to showcase the unique environmental elements of Final Fantasy X with its remarkably tranquil sound.

Spira Unplugged
Like Besaid, this track is a very harmonious theme with a completely peaceful sound. It features the melody from one of the games main themes, Suteki Da Ne, yet almost sounds like a complete different tune with a very different feel.

Calm Before The Storm
Many of the environments in Final Fantasy X are diverse, colourful and very memorable. The areas that make up the world in the game help to make Final Fantasy X such a great game because of their creative designs. As such, the music plays on these design choices by enhancing the overall feel of each area. Calm Before The Storm is one of the games area themes that plays in Macalania Woods, one of the games mysterious and mildly-haunting areas.

Launch is ones of the games many action themes. It plays towards the end of the game, usually surrounding high tense moments in the Airship, including the amazing battle against one of the games major enemies.

Battle Theme
This is the games standard Battle Theme. Most of the battle themes from Final Fantasy I through IX have a similar opening and a slightly similar sound. Each of those songs are excellent themes, and with this track, the series takes a completely different approach. It's yet another design choice that shifts the series in another direction.

Zanarkand is easily one the games most memorable and emotional themes. The track itself is very important to the story, playing during many moments in the game, including the title screen. It has since been a main staple to those who discuss music of the Final Fantasy series.

Written by - Michael Villalon for ‘The VG Island’.


Video Game Music of the Week - 310

Star Fox 2 (SNES)


Venom, Macbeth Inside, Eladard Inside, Meteor, Fortuna

Kozue Ishikawa
Yumiko Kanki

Star Fox 2 is a unique game in the fact that it was cancelled before release, even though it was essentially completed. However, the game did release officially when it was included in the recently released SNES Classic Mini.

This theme is a stage background track for the planet titled Venom. It immediately showcases a similar sound style to the first game in the series, with a very action-oriented feel.

Macbeth Inside
Many of the stage themes offer two mild variations on the stages specific track. This is the theme to the stage Macbeth, specifically the inside version of the track. It has a fast melody with some super heavy instrumentation during certain moments.

Eladard Inside
This theme is another inside version of a track, specifically to the stage Eladard. It's a very fast track with moments that slow down the melody before surprising the listener with a different quick section of music. It's definitely one of the games more intense themes.

This track is a very fun and unique theme that differs from other songs in the game. It actually takes a similar approach to the track Fortuna from the original game. Note though, there is a stage theme for the planet Fortuna in this game, which is very different.

This song begins with a very slow, open-air feeling introduction. It's quite an empowering theme that delivers a sense of confidence and grandeur.

Written by - Michael Villalon for ‘The VG Island’.


Video Game Music of the Week - 309

Star Fox (SNES)


Main Theme, Training Mode, Corneria, Meteor, Fortuna

Hajime Hirasawa

Star Fox is the first game in the Star Fox series, releasing on the Super Nintendo in 1993. It was titled Starwing in Europe and Australia, and the series has since been considered one of Nintendo's major franchises.

Main Theme
The game itself, along with the following games in the series often feature a recurring theme or melody that has its roots based in this track specifically. The melody found in this song is also placed amongst certain different tracks in the game such as the
Stage Select and Control Screen theme.

Training Theme
The Training Theme features some intense elements mixed in with some more milder themes. This is a great combination for a theme that introduces you to the game in a safe environment.

This is the games first stage theme and is one hell of an introduction track. It is a very rock-driven theme with an electric guitar-like instrument.

The electric guitar makes an appearance again in this theme, but it's the sense of uneasiness in the theme that gives it its true characteristic.

This track is a super fun theme with a very casino-like vibe, yet there is still a sense of mystery littered within it's theming.

Written by - Michael Villalon for ‘The VG Island’.