Video Game Music of the Week - 281

Wonder Boy III: The Dragon's Trap (Master System)


The Last Dungeon, The Danger Zone, The Monster's Lair, The Dragon's Trap

Shinichi Sakamoto

This week's VGM of the Week was requested by listener Daniel Petersen.

Wonder Boy III: The Dragon's Trap
is a Sega Master-System game that released in 1989. It was developed and released in Japan as a sequel to Monster World, and considered the fourth entry in the Wonder Boy series, however, in the West, it was released as a third Wonder Boy game.

The Last Dungeon
The Last Dungeon is a prime example of how well composers utilised the Sega Master System to produce cleverly crafted music tracks. Its captivating melody and bluesy riffs create a very charming theme.

The Danger Zone
The Danger Zone conveys a heavy 'action theme' quality. It's pulsating opening melody and electrifying core verse-style sections help to create a very engaging piece of music.

The Monster's Lair
This dark and almost distressing theme has multiple surprisingly catchy melodies after the initial opening. It invokes a sense of heavy danger in its instrumentation, but still allows for a very endearing theme.

The Dragon's Trap
This track is another action-piece that focuses on a core riff throughout most of the theme, allowing for a more rewarding sound once the theme flips out of it into various more dynamic melodies.

Written by - Michael Villalon for ‘The VG Island’.


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