Video Game Music of the Week - 300

Psychonauts (PC, Xbox, PlayStation 2)


Title & End Credits, The Catwalk Phantom, Whispering Rock

Peter McConnell

Psychonauts is a Platform game developed by Double Fine Productions and well-known game designer, Tim Schafer. The game released in 2005, with a sequel currently in development.

Title & End Credits
This theme plays during the title and end credits. The song has very cartoonish elements to it with its wild orchestration.

The Catwalk Phantom
This cunning theme has obvious elements of deviousness and trickery. It jumps from low-key moments to grand, quick-hitting sections.

Whispering Rock
This western-style theme has a very gentle and harmless melody. It has some assorted guitar moments that remain unique as the song progresses.

Written by - Michael Villalon for ‘The VG Island’.


Video Game Music of the Week - 299

Beyond Good & Evil (Various)


Home Sweet Home, Hyllian Suite, Violent Jade Suite, Funky Bar

Christophe Héral

Beyond Good & Evil is an action-adventure game that released over multiple home consoles and PC's in 2003. The game received quite the cult following and a sequel was finally announced at this years E3 expo.

Home Sweet Home
This song features a very enticing opening with its strange background sound and core piano line of music. The theme suggests an adventurous setting with some elements of mystery and grandiose layered within.

Hyllian Suite
Hyllian Suite features a very tribal and natural sound. The flute-like melody brings a sense of wonder to the theme, with the songs string instruments giving it a more ambitious feel at the same time. The xylophone segment is also one of the themes more memorable moments.

Violent Jade Suite
This theme is immediately noticeable as a very action-oriented and tense piece of music. The main section of the theme is extremely fast, delivering an almost agitated sound.

Funky Bar
This track has a great jazz feel with it's cleverly delivered trumpet solo. The beat box-backing only helps to deliver one of the games truly unforgettable themes, proving the unique qualities that the game possesses.

Written by - Michael Villalon for ‘The VG Island’.


Video Game Music of the Week - 266

Marvel vs. Capcom 2: New Age Of Heroes (Arcade, Various)


Mode Menu, Airship Stage, Swamp Stage, Training Mode

Tetsuya Shibata
Mitsuhiko Takano

Marvel vs. Capcom 2: New Age Of Heroes released in 2000, just two years after the previous game in the series. The game continues to be one of the most talked about collaboration games in modern gaming and is still loved today by many fighting-game enthusiasts.

Mode Menu
This track is all about the electric guitar and its infectious riff. It's a fairly neutral song with a short melody, but positions itself perfectly as a mellow Menu theme.

Airship Stage
The Airship Stage theme has a very mild sound that intertwines with some funk and jazz elements. This track, and many of the other themes in the game feel quite different to any previous fighting game soundtrack.

Swamp Stage
This song is very much a Funk-themed track with its bubbly opening and remarkably memorable horns and distorted vocals. The theme has many unique elements that define what the Marvel vs. Capcom 2 soundtrack is all about.

Training Mode
The Training Mode track features a plethora of Funk instruments and sounds. It has a wild structure and its melody and sounds vary mildly throughout.

Written by - Michael Villalon for ‘The VG Island’.


Video Game Music of the Week - 86

Halo. Listen what I Say-O.

VGM.Halo

Video Game Music of the Week - 85

Come along and join us for some Albion-inspired tunes!

VGM.fable

Video Game Music of the Week - 53

Half-Life 2 represents a period of time in gaming. It transcends on all fronts, with its clever storytelling and unique attention to detail.

VGM.Halflife2