Video Game Music of the Week - 100

Super Mario Bros. (NES)


Main Theme, Underworld, Underwater

Koji Kondo

Super Mario Bros. is attributed to popularising the side-scrolling genre and was the highest selling game of all time until Wii Sports took that title. The music in the original Super Mario Bros. is some of the most well-known music of all time, and its major themes are known all over, throughout the world.

Main Theme
Main Theme to Super Mario Bros. is easily the most well-known video game music track of all time. The song is incredibly catchy and features one of the most memorable musical hooks of all time, across any genre of music. The theme is considered a defining representation of both video game culture and the retro era of the 80’s.

The theme to the Underworld areas of Super Mario Bros. has an undeniably unique melody that focuses on a six note structure that is then accelerated by use of faster notes towards the end of the main theme. The track is relatively short and is then looped numerous times, over and over.

The Underwater theme features a very floaty feel thanks to both the bass melody and the 3/4 time signature of the track. The melody focuses on the first beat of each bar, which is essentially common in 3/4 music, but feels notably present in this track.

Written by - Michael Villalon for ‘The VG Island’.
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