Video Game Music of the Week - 101

Final Fantasy IV (SNES)


Main Theme, Theme Of Love, Into The Darkness, Fight 1

Nobuo Uematsu

Final Fantasy IV, also known as Final Fantasy II outside of Japan, was the first game in the series to release on the Super Nintendo. The game introduced the now-famous ATB (Active Time Battle) System that was found in many Final Fantasy games that followed.

Main Theme
Final Fantasy game in the series has been known to have a main theme that represents that game specifically. Many times, this main theme is used as the overworld theme in their respective game, which is the case with this track.

Theme Of Love
One thing that the Final Fantasy games always tried to do was provide a deep and engrossing story that could appeal to both children and adults. Final Fantasy IV featured a love interest for the main character and this concept has been found somewhere in each story for nearly every Final Fantasy since, most notably Final Fantasy VIII and X.

Into The Darkness
This song is the theme for many general caves and dungeons found in the game, a common staple in classic role-playing games. The track has a earthy and mystical feel to it, and captures the games element of exploration.

Fight 1
Every single Final Fantasy game features a theme used specifically for battles and random encounters. This song is the battle theme for Final Fantasy IV, and falls under the same style of each battle theme found from Final Fantasy I through VI.

Written by - Michael Villalon for ‘The VG Island’.
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