Video Game Music of the Week - 103

Guardian’s Crusade (PlayStation)


Battle Theme, Cave Of Fear, Wilderness

Guardian’s Crusade is a, RPG PlayStation title released in 1999. This period of time in gaming saw many Japanese RPG titles find a place in the western market, thanks to the remarkable success of Final Fantasy VII. The soundtrack is a very upbeat and poppy collection of music, and features many colourful tracks.

Battle Theme
Guardian’s Crusade is another RPG with yet another memorable Battle Theme. However, the Battle Theme in Guardian’s Crusade is quite different to many of these specific kind of themes in other games. The track has some serious funky sounds with a less stressful vibe as opposed to many other battle themes that seem to push the notion of pressure danger.

Cave Of Fear
The main melody of the track is very jazzy, and the backing music has a very lounge/beach/chillout sound to it. For a track titled ‘Cave of Fear,’ it certainly has some unexpected calmness to it.

Wilderness is another more peaceful, downtempo track found in Guardian’s Crusade. The song features a very smooth melody and a serene percussion beat.

Written by - Michael Villalon for ‘The VG Island’.
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