Video Game Music of the Week - 128

Batman: The Video Game (Sega Mega-Drive)


Gotham City Street, Boss, Gotham Cathedral II

Naoki Kodaka
Nobuyuki Hara

The Sega Mega-Drive version of Batman: The Video Game released a few months after the NES counterpart that was featured last week on Video Game Music of the Week. The Sega Mega-Drive version is more faithful to the plot of the 1989 movie, and also features some different gameplay mechanics.

Gotham City Streets
During the NES and Mega-Drive era of gaming, multi-platform games usually featured completely different sounds, settings and music, unlike today, where nearly all multi platform games tend to be almost completely identical. The Mega-Drive version of the opening stage theme, Gotham City Streets, was very different to the opening stage from the NES version. This track has a slower tempo, with a very prominent melody and an organic sounding drum backing.

The Boss Theme from this game has a very similar melody to the theme from the NES version. It has a little more diversity and features a more rock sound thanks to the Sega Mega-Drive’s unique sound chip.

Gotham Cathedral II
The final stage theme has a very strong, empowering melody that begins moments after the intro. The theme is very different to the NES versions final stage, and just like the opening stage theme, it is slower as well.

Written by - Michael Villalon for ‘The VG Island’.
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