Video Game Music of the Week - 144

Final Fantasy II (NES, Various)


Main Theme, Rebel Army Theme, Chocobo Theme, Finale

Nobuo Uematsu

After the huge success of the original Final Fantasy, Squaresoft (now Square-Enix) proceeded to release Final Fantasy II. While many elements of the series were established in the original game, so too did Final Fantasy II create many staples for the series, including Chocobo’s and the recurring character of Cid. Just like last weeks Final Fantasy feature, these tracks are from the PlayStation remastering titled Final Fantasy Origins.

Main Theme
Every Final Fantasy game has a main theme of sorts that is either derived from the overworld map, a recurring theme or from a very important scene. In the case of
Final Fantasy II, the Main Theme is also the over world theme. The track is quite unusual for a Main Theme as it is drenched in a certain level of despair.

Rebel Army Theme
The Rebel Army Theme is associated with the team of protagonists in Final Fantasy II. In a way, it is a main theme of sorts, and also has a counterpart track for the group of antagonists in the game, titled The Imperial Army.

Chocobo Theme
It is common tradition that every Final Fantasy game released after Final Fantasy II features Chocobo’s in some form, usually as a means of transportation. This transition is greeted with a special theme that is often quirky to signify the pleasant nature of the fun-loving bird.

The final track in Final Fantasy II plays moments after the final boss is defeated, as the credits begin to roll. The track has a big, grand sound to it and ends with the popular Prelude theme from numerous Final Fantasy games.

Written by - Michael Villalon for ‘The VG Island’.
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