Video Game Music of the Week - 146

Snowboard Kids (N64)


Night Highway, Silver Mountain, Big Snowman

Isao Kasai
Tomohiko Satou

Snowboard Kids is a 1998 snowboarding game for the Nintendo 64 which featured certain elements from classic kart racing games. It features a surprisingly remarkable soundtrack that emits both levels of bumpy fun and passionate melodies.

Night Highway
Night Highway’s focus is its main melody with an instrument that sounds very much like a classic NES sound. Like the soundtrack itself, it is filled with numerous synthesised instruments and sounds.

Silver Mountain
This track starts with a rapid piano chord progression and shortly after features a more robust, techno and synthesised sound.

Big Snowman
Big Snowman has a rather different sound then to some of the other themes in the game. It is quite uplifting in it’s delivery and has a slightly more pop sound to it.

Written by - Michael Villalon for ‘The VG Island’.
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