Video Game Music of the Week - 160

Mega Man 10 (Wii, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360)


Polluted Pump, Fireball Strike, Wily Stage 3, Wily Stage 1

Ippo Yamada
Ryo Kawakami
Hiroki Isogai
Yu Shimoda
Manami Matsumae
Yasuaki Fujita
Minae Fujii
Mari Yamaguchi
Yuk Takehara
Makoto Tomozawa
Akari Kaida
Shusaku Uchiyama

After the big success of Mega Man 9, Capcom continued along with Mega Man 10. The game was done in the same vein as Mega Man 9 and was a great continuation of bringing platforming nostalgia back to players.

Polluted Pump
This track features ascending notes in the intro. The song has three notable sections, and the two instruments that play the melody during the second and third sections are very commonly found in the
Mega Man 8-bit games.

Fireball Strike
The theme Fireball Strike stands out thanks to its incredibly empowering introduction. The main melody features a fast beat with a more reserved, yet powerful melody. The tracks tone shifts entirely during the second section, before returning back to the main part of the track.

Wily Stage 3
Wily Stage 3 begins immediately, lacking the usual intro-style openings found in many Mega Man themes. The song has a strong emphasis on a moving melody that powers on throughout the entirety of the track.

Wily Stage 1
The first Wily Stage in Mega Man 10 certainly delivers. From Its high-powered opening to its incredible melody, Wily Stage 1 is yet another example of the amazing music found within the Mega Man series.

Written by - Michael Villalon for ‘The VG Island’.
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