Video Game Music of the Week - 180

Super Mario Bros. 3 (NES)


Overworld 1, Hammer Bros. Battle, Overworld 2, Airship

Koji Kondo

Super Mario Bros. 3 released roughly a year after Super Mario Bros. 2 and is one of the most innovative entires in the series. It was the first game in the series that featured an overworld map that players could utilise to choose different paths and stages, which was later featured in Super Mario World.

Overworld 1
The initial stage theme in
Mario 3 is very representative of the games overall style. It features a very chilled melody and bops along at a super relaxed pace.

Hammer Bros. Battle
The Hammer Bros. Battle theme is actually one of the more famous Mario themes and can be heard in many other games and spin-offs in the series.

Overworld 2
Unlike the initial Overworld theme, this track features a bit more speed and a generally busier atmosphere. The sound differs very much from the original Overworld theme but still maintains the games pleasant theme.

The Airship theme is not only one of the more darker sounding tracks in the game, it’s also one of the darkest songs in the series. It has a clear emphasis on the beat, while keeping the structure of the song very simple.

Written by - Michael Villalon for ‘The VG Island’.
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