Video Game Music of the Week - 188

Deity Quest (PC, Mac, Linux, Android)


Onslaught, Nimiah’s Alibi, The Death Of A Deity Part II, The Eccentric Ruses Of Boudri

Chase Bethea

Deity Quest is a 2014 PC, Mac, Linux and Android game that tasks you with converting followers to gain power and become the ‘Overgod’ of the world Aberos. Composed by Chase Bethea, the game itself takes inspiration from the Pokémon series with both Dungeon Crawler and RPG elements.

Onslaught is one of the more rapid and frantic songs found in the game. From 16-bit Genesis/Mega-Drive style sounds, to more modern sounds, the track covers the whole spectrum, showing numerous inspirations in the process.

Nimiah’s Alibi
This track features a very clean and straightforward opening that remains prevalent throughout. The song has a mysterious tone that is reminiscent of classic RPG cave themes.

The Death Of A Deity Part II
Again, The Death Of A Deity Part II also features a mysterious overall atmosphere. Classic snare-like, 8-bit feedback sounds are featured in the track and work to build a tense and otherworldly feeling.

The Eccentric Ruses Of Boudri
This track definitely feels a touch different to most of the other songs in the game. It has a prominent simple dance-style beat and an overall synthesised, electro sound.

Written by - Michael Villalon for ‘The VG Island’.
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