Video Game Music of the Week - 211

Salamander (Various)


Burn The Wind, Operation Seedleek, Starfield, Last Exit

Miki Higashino
Hidenori Maezawa
Shinya Nakamoto
Satoe Terashima
Atsushi Fujio

Salamander is a scrolling-shooter that was released in North America under the name of Life Force. It released on numerous systems, including Commodore 64, NES and MSX.

Burn The Wind
This track features a pleasant introduction with a generally upbeat sound. There are some unique chord progressions in the second section of the track that give the song a unique characteristic.

Operation Seedleek
This song begins with a a sinister sound that quickly transforms into a slightly more heroic theme. The track retains a nice level of drama throughout.

This song is filled with a tremendous amount of energy and the track has a deep level of momentum given from its rapid rhythm.

Last Exit
This song features an awesome intro that immediately delivers a high sense of action. The melody is constantly moving, like many of the themes found in the game.

Written by - Michael Villalon for ‘The VG Island’.

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