Video Game Music of the Week - 230

RPG Maker XP (PC)


Battle 2, Dungeon 1, Theme 4


RPG Maker XP released in 2005 and was the fifth entry in the RPG Maker series for PC’s. It allowed players to create an entire RPG, from story elements, to characters, to skills, items and equipment, as well as battles and much more. It made it very easy for anyone to make their RPG idea a reality. The game featured many original songs for players to use in their game for almost every situation, from Battle themes to Village themes and more.

Battle 2
This theme is one of the many available Battle themes that come standard with the game maker. It takes a lot of inspiration from classic SNES RPG games, including
Chrono Trigger.

Dungeon 1
This lightly ominous theme is a great song that is suited to most dark and mysterious caves or dungeons. It has an overall simple sound, but that is part of its greatness.

Theme 4
This track is a song that is specifically suited as an overall game theme, possibly to use in many game scenes, or important story plot points. It is one of the more memorable themes in the basic RPG Maker XP package.

Written by - Michael Villalon for ‘The VG Island’.

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