Video Game Music of the Week - 238

Illusion Of Gaia (SNES)


South Cape, Itory, In The Earthen Womb, Clash Of Light And Shadow,

Yasuhiro Kawasaki

Illusion Of Gaia, also known as Illusion Of Time in Europe and Australia, is an action RPG developed by the team behind the SNES hits ActRaiser and Soul Blazer.

South Cape
This cheery song is a great introductory tune to the games brilliant soundtrack. The track gives vibes of journeying through a seaside village with its completely enjoyable melody and notable seagull sounds.

This song is a slow theme to one of the games locations. Its extremely peaceful, and just like the previous song, it features bird sounds that help to build the games environments and atmosphere.

In The Earthen Womb
This track has a very otherworldly feel to it with its echoing rhythm track and airy melody.

Clash Of Light And Shadow
This song is very different to all the previous songs and is most definitely considered one of the games most notable action pieces. The songs heavy introduction hits you quite unexpectedly, while the brief mellow moments add for a truly remarkable track.

Written by - Michael Villalon for ‘The VG Island’.

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