Video Game Music of the Week - 253

Golden Axe (Sega Mega-Drive)


Wilderness, Fiend’s Path, Battle Field, Death Adder

Tohru Nakabayashi

Golden Axe released on Arcade systems in early 1989, and later came to home consoles with a Sega Genesis/Mega-Drive release. The game spawned many sequels and spin-offs and is one of the most well-known side-scrolling beat em up’s of the 80’s.

The track Wilderness is a very melody focused theme. It plays during the first stage in the game, being the major musical introduction to the series.

Fiend’s Path
This track is a very intense theme with a clear sense of forward momentum, matching the overall style of the game and its gameplay objective.

Battle Field
This track begins with a simple bass line. The songs beat is played with an emphasis on the first, fourth and seventh notes, which can be easily heard in the opening moments.

Death Adder
Death Adder begins with a very menacing opening, but it’s not until just after the 35-second mark that the theme truly comes into its own. It’s a fairly progressive theme that jolts from moment to moment, always leaving a sense of unpredictability.

Written by - Michael Villalon for ‘The VG Island’.

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