Video Game Music of the Week - 255

Chrono Trigger - Part 1 (SNES)


Chrono Trigger, Memories Of Green, Guardia Millenial Fair, Wind Scene, Frog’s Theme

Yasunori Mitsuda
Nobuo Uematsu

Chrono Trigger released on the SNES in 1995 and its legacy as being one of the greatest RPG games ever made is still upheld by many today. Almost every aspect of game design came together to create one of the most memorable experiences in the medium of gaming. The games soundtrack is so extremely diverse and well-composed, being just another pillar in the games completely unique and well-crafted creation. This feature will look at the music found in the first half of the games soundtrack.

We featured Chrono Trigger in our 5th VGM of the Week article. As our podcast didn’t exist at that time, we lost the chance to feature the games soundtrack in-depth on the show, mainly because our podcast is directly influenced by the VGM of the Week articles. We are featuring the game yet again, to showcase the games music in our Video Game Music podcast, which will happen with other similar games in the future.

Chrono Trigger
As the name implies, the track titled Chrono Trigger is the main theme of the game. It has a very unforgettable melody that plays during story moments, when the games set of protagonists make very important decisions.

Memories Of Green
This theme plays on the World Map during the year 1000 A.D. As the game jumps around different time periods, the music changes depending on the year that you’re in. This theme is found during the first time period, very early in the game.

Guardia Millenial Fair
The opening moments of the game features Crono exploring the Guardia Millenial Fair, a fair that is taking place in Crono’s home town. It acts as an introductory area to the game, introducing the world, some of the games main characters and allows the player to get acquainted with the game itself. It’s an extremely fun tune that is one of the games most catchy themes.

Wind Scene
Wind Scene is yet another track that plays on the games World Map. This time during the time period of 600 A.D, which is the first alternate time period that Crono travels to in the story. Its unique string instrumental melody is the tracks greatest quality, being the star aspect of the song, allowing it to become one of the games most emotive themes.

Frog’s Theme
Frog is one of the games main characters and this track is his main theme. It is a very uplifting tune, especially during it’s opening moments. The main melody begins at about the 15-second mark with a wind instrument that has a very unique characteristic.

Written by - Michael Villalon for ‘The VG Island’.

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