Video Game Music of the Week - 256

Chrono Trigger - Part 2 (SNES)


At The Bottom Of Night, Corridors Of Time, Schala’s Theme, World Revolution, To Far Away Times

Yasunori Mitsuda
Nobuo Uematsu

Featuring Chrono Trigger in a single VGM of the Week article simply doesn’t give the games soundtrack the attention it deserves. Composer Yasunori Mitsuda worked on most of the games music before falling ill and leaving Final Fantasy veteran composer Nobuo Uemtasu to step-in to complete the games final few tracks.

We featured Chrono Trigger in our 5th VGM of the Week article. As our podcast didn’t exist at that time, we lost the chance to feature the games soundtrack in-depth on the show because our podcast is directly influenced by the VGM of the Week articles. We are featuring the game yet again, to showcase the games music in our Video Game Music podcast, which will happen with other similar games in the future.

At The Bottom Of Night
This almost soothing song has multiple underlying notions of mystery, sadness and a touch of hope. The echoing melody is the major focus of the tune, however the string instrument and slow bass are responsible for some very important moments in the song.

Corridors Of Time
Corridors Of Time is easily one of the most distinctive themes in Chrono Trigger and is played in one of the games most important areas. The track begins with ringing bells, and throughout, it is filled with unique instruments and sounds, but continues to hold on to the ringing bell riff until the end.

Schala’s Theme
Schala is one of the games most pivotal characters, even though she is not part of the games core group of protagonists. Her role also plays an important part in the sequel, Chrono Cross, therefore making her one of the most important characters in the entire series. Her theme is very mysterious and has a certain ‘ancient’ feel to it.

World Revolution
This track is played during various action moments throughout the game. It features a very progressive melody and feel to it, becoming more intense during certain moments.

To Far Away Times
In a sense, the track To Far Away Times is a medley of sorts that also features its own unique melody that blends all the ideas and emotions found throughout the game into one extremely moving and memorable piece of music. It is the games ending theme, and a very fitting way to end one of the Super Nintendo’s greatest RPG’s.

Written by - Michael Villalon for ‘The VG Island’.

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