Video Game Music of the Week - 260

Shatterhand (NES)


Area A (Factory), Area B (Refinery), Areas E & F (Anti Gravity Research Centre / Ravaged City), Ending

Iku Mizutani
Hiroyuki Iwatsuki

Shatterhand is a side-scrolling action game that released on the NES in 1991. The game was originally based on the Japanese TV series titled Super Rescue Solbrain.

Area A (Factory)
The first stage features a rather tense intro, before heading into a more lively, melody focused theme. It's easily one of the more upbeat themes, pulling in players from the immediate start of the game.

Area B (Refinery)
This song is slightly slower than some of the other themes. The melody in this track and the melodies in the game are so well crafted, making it very clear to see that much attention was given to the games music.

Areas E & F (Anti Gravity Research Centre / Ravaged City)
This theme plays over the course of two of the games stages. These levels play right near the end of the game, just before the final stage. The intensity in the games soundtrack increases as it nears the end, and this track, while still maintaining brilliant melody design, continues to build this intensity.

The Ending theme begins with a deep opening, before giving you that feeling of success that all great NES ending themes features. The theme is also a very creative track, that doesn't follow traditional music progression.

Written by - Michael Villalon for ‘The VG Island’.

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