Video Game Music of the Week - 263

Super Mario 3D Land (Nintendo 3DS)


Title, Beach (Underwater), Koopa's Lava Castle, Special World 8

Takeshi Hama
Mahito Yokota
Asuka Hayazaki

Super Mario 3D Land is a Nintendo 3DS title that blends traditional 2D Mario elements with the 3D free-roaming aspects of more recent games. The game released in November 2011, worldwide.

This is the main intro theme to
Super Mario 3D Land and was the first song heard during the first trailer for the game at Nintendo's E3 Press Conference in 2011. It is possibly the most jazzy theme in the Mario series.

Beach ~ Underwater
This track is an underwater themed stages in Super Mario 3D Land. Nearly all Mario games feature different tracks for different stage themings, such as Underwater, Underground, Deserts etc. The second half of the track features a very light, high-tonal melody that is a recurring structure in Mario's underwater themes.

Koopa's Lava Castle
This is a Castle theme to the Bowser stages in Super Mario 3D Land. It's a tense track, and one of the really few action pieces found in the game.

Special World 8
In Super Mario 3D Land, once the main game is complete, there is almost a whole other game to be played. These stages are very difficult and feature usually unique and wild aspects to them. The final Special World features a very fun and catchy theme, showing the beauty in the music of the Super Mario series.

Written by - Michael Villalon for ‘The VG Island’.

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