Video Game Music of the Week - 296

Brain Lord (SNES)


Dragon Legend, Town Of Arcs, Road To The Tower, Natural Cavern, Road To Toronto

Masanao Akahori

Brain Lord is an Enix published RPG that released on the SNES for North America and Japan only, never making its way to Europe or Australia. The game was developed by Produce!, a Japanese game company that also developed The 7th Saga.

Dragon Legend
This song features some rather emotional musical moments which are especially noticeable because the theme is played during the opening cutscene of the game. It's a relatively short song that introduces the player to a world that is set to feature some serious story telling.

Town Of Arcs
An ultra heavy bass carries this track, along with its super funky melody and other side instrumentation. This track is definitely one of the games most groovy themes.

Road To The Tower
This piece carries with it some more serious tones and ideas of a grand scale story with a deep sense of importance. Its melody is the driving force of the theme.

Natural Cavern
This song is yet another funky piece of music found within the game. The track is yet another example of how musically interesting the games themes are, with it's numerous unique melodies for the different sections and moments in the game.

Road To Toronto
This theme is a travelling backing track that continues the games very noticeable emphasis on diverse melodies and catchy riffs. Its one of the games more rock-centric themes.

Written by - Michael Villalon for ‘The VG Island’.

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