Video Game Music of the Week - 307

DuckTales 2 (NES)


Niagara, Glomgold's Ship, Final Battle

Minae Fujii
Akihiro Akamatsu

DuckTales 2 released on the NES in 1993 and was ported to the Game Boy later in the same year.

This track is a background theme to the area, Niagara. It features one of the most mellow themes in the games soundtrack and it's a very fun and casual piece that greatly fits with the joyous themes and style of the game.

Glomgold's Ship
This track is quite funky from the immediate get-go. It's a very infectious tune and has some great diversity as it moves from each small section in the theme, before returning to the opening melody.

Final Battle
This is definitely one of the games notorious action themes, and probably its most wild and rapid track. The song itself is a boss theme, featuring a more tense melody in comparison to the games other themes.

Written by - Michael Villalon for ‘The VG Island’.

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