Video Game Music of the Week - 308

TaleSpin (NES)


Title Screen, Clouds, Boss Battle, Cave

Minae Fujii

TaleSpin is another Disney game developed by Capcom that was based on a popular television cartoon series from the early 90's.

The first track is a super fun, super upbeat theme that delivers a very cartoony sound that also feels very similar to many Capcom games of the same era.

This is one of the games stage themes, and also one of its more up-tempo and quirky tracks. It has a very staccato-centric melody that helps deliver a rapid pace to the theme.

This is a boss theme track in TaleSpin and definitely increases the tempo dramatically. There is barely any moment to breathe in the song, which really gives it a very tense feeling throughout.

Another stage theme and also, another quirky track. It features some quick-note pulses and some dramatic slide notes played in succession.

Written by - Michael Villalon for ‘The VG Island’.

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