Video Game Music of the Week - 310

Star Fox 2 (SNES)


Venom, Macbeth Inside, Eladard Inside, Meteor, Fortuna

Kozue Ishikawa
Yumiko Kanki

Star Fox 2 is a unique game in the fact that it was cancelled before release, even though it was essentially completed. However, the game did release officially when it was included in the recently released SNES Classic Mini.

This theme is a stage background track for the planet titled Venom. It immediately showcases a similar sound style to the first game in the series, with a very action-oriented feel.

Macbeth Inside
Many of the stage themes offer two mild variations on the stages specific track. This is the theme to the stage Macbeth, specifically the inside version of the track. It has a fast melody with some super heavy instrumentation during certain moments.

Eladard Inside
This theme is another inside version of a track, specifically to the stage Eladard. It's a very fast track with moments that slow down the melody before surprising the listener with a different quick section of music. It's definitely one of the games more intense themes.

This track is a very fun and unique theme that differs from other songs in the game. It actually takes a similar approach to the track Fortuna from the original game. Note though, there is a stage theme for the planet Fortuna in this game, which is very different.

This song begins with a very slow, open-air feeling introduction. It's quite an empowering theme that delivers a sense of confidence and grandeur.

Written by - Michael Villalon for ‘The VG Island’.

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