Video Game Music of the Week - 318

Parasite Eve II (PS2)


Forbidden Power, MIST, Return To The Base, Water Tower, Gentle Rays

Naoshi Mizuta

Parasite Eve II is the sequel to the original Parasite Eve which released just one year prior to this game. The composer Naoshi Mizuta also worked on games in the Final Fantasy and Street Fighter series.

Forbidden Power
This song would be classified as the games main theme, as well as the main characters theme. It's an upbeat rock track with some techno elements. The track ends on a darker note, leading into the games core idea.


One of the first songs in
Parasite Eve II is a reimagining of the song Out Of Phase from the original Parasite Eve. This track is a much slower version that retains the uneasy feel and potent core melody from the original.

Return To The Base
The soundtrack to Parasite Eve II features various styles of songs. There are dark, ominous themes as well as more soothing and safer themes. This theme shows the lighter side to the games music, which really gives the game a diverse sound that helps to make those more intense moments feel more intense.

Water Tower
The acoustic style of this track helps to create an apocalyptic style atmosphere with its stripped down sound.

Gentle Rays
This song plays at the end of the game and has a great piano melody that gives a feeling of closure. The track features both an echoey percussion and clean guitar backing.

Written by - Michael Villalon for ‘The VG Island’.

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