Video Game Music of the Week - 322

NBA Jam (Arcade, Various)


1st Quarter, 2nd Quarter, Team Select

Jon Hey

NBA Jam released on Arcade systems in 1993, and later came to numerous home and handheld consoles. The game was a massive commercial success and remains one of the highest grossing Arcade games of all time.

1st Quarter
Most of the music in the original
NBA Jam centres around a similar theme. The track for the first quarter and the third quarter of a match are basically the same exact theme.

2nd Quarter
While the second and fourth quarters feature a very similar track, they actually have some noticeable differences. The second quarter features a more pulse-oriented melody with its more pronounced bass line.

Team Select
The Team Select track plays during the menu select portion of the game. It works more as a background theme that aims to bring a sense of excitement to those who are about to enter a match of NBA Jam. It's a classic theme that filled arcades everywhere during the 90's.

Written by - Michael Villalon for ‘The VG Island’.

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