Video Game Music of the Week - 325

Harvest Moon (SNES)


Town, Spring, Summer, Ending

Tsuyoshi Tanaka

Harvest Moon is a farming-simulation game that released on the Super Nintendo in 1996 in Japan, 1997 in North America & 1998 in Europe and other PAL regions. The game is the first entry in the Harvest Moon series, which is now known as the Story Of Seasons series.

The Town theme is an extremely cheery track that gives you a great feeling of comradery with the other townsfolk. It bops along quite blissfully, letting you know that the game is going to be, above all, a very pleasant experience.

The game features seasons to match the farming ideas presented in the game, and thus, different music plays depending on the season. Along with the seasonal visuals, there is a musical change as well, to further solidify the current season. This theme is the first seasonal theme you hear, and as such it is probably the most slow and easier-going theme to introduce players to the world and to create a nostalgic feel when the initial season returns the following year.

The Summer theme is a little more bouncy than Spring, creating a great momentum to the gameplay as it brings you into the next season. This idea carries forward, as Fall actually ramps it up even further, before the Winter theme brings everything back down.

There are multiple different endings in Harvest Moon, and as long as you do the bare minimum, you will hear the games standard ending theme. It's yet another pleasant theme, with a relatively slow melody and pronounced drum beat.

Written by - Michael Villalon for ‘The VG Island’.

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