Video Game Music of the Week - 326

Stardew Valley (Various)


Stardew Valley Overture, Spring (The Valley Comes Alive), Fall (Raven's Descent), Winter (Nocturne Of Ice)

Eric Barone

Stardew Valley is a multiplatform Farming Simulation game that was developed solely by one individual Eric Barone, known also as ConcernedApe. The game was immediately loved by fans and reviewers, and was applauded for breathing new life into a genre that as has recently felt stale.

Stardew Valley Overture
This theme is the title screen track and really combines the feeling of a dawning new day and a players imminent session of play. These two ideas combine to really showcase why Stardew Valley is such a vigorously fun game.

Spring (The Valley Comes Alive)
This is one of the themes that plays during Spring time, which is the first season experienced in the game. During this time, players go from being curious during their initial hours with the game, to deeply invested in their newly established farm. It is a very fun theme that builds with its early castanets, and diverse instrumentation.

Fall (Raven's Descent)
The theme tracks that play during Fall take a sharp turn from what is expected from the music of Spring and Summer. The themes are more reserved and feature light, almost mysterious elements that help define the Fall theming.

Winter (Nocturne Of Ice)
As expected, Winter (Nocturne Of Ice) features a plethora of water, cold and ice-like sounds to create its very immersive feeling. You can almost feel the light snow flakes and brushes of cold air when you hear the delicate theme. The tracks melody that appears in the second half is almost magical in its sound.

Written by - Michael Villalon for ‘The VG Island’.

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