Video Game Music of the Week - 329

Gunhouse (Various)


Children's Sport, General Supplies, Today's Commotion, Hale and Hearty


Gunhouse is a part puzzle, part strategy game developed by Necrosoft Games that released on the PlayStation Mobile in 2014. Since then, it has come to iOS, Windows Phone, PlayStation Vita and now, Nintendo Switch.

Children's Sport
This track has great momentum from the get go. Its diverse percussions and distorted bass are the songs main driving forces, and the themes broad range of instrumentation and sounds are a key element in its exciting sound.

General Supplies
This song is a very funky, bass driven theme that features some synthesised sounds. The moments where the bass and percussion play alone give the song a great sense of character.

Today's Commotion
This theme starts off simple enough, but as the song moves on, it's clear that there are many different sounds at play that help achieve a song that always feels progressive and never dull.

Hale and Hearty
This track begins with a very heavy and distorted sound. The track features a very mechanical vibe with its numerous synthesised sounds. There are moments in the song where all the instruments cut out for a very brief second, this gives the song a heavier feel when the instruments cut back in at the same time.

Written by - Michael Villalon for ‘The VG Island’.

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