Video Game Music of the Week - 42

Dark Cloud (PlayStation 2)


Norn Village, Queens, Broken Promise, Departure.

Tomohito Nishiura

We featured Dark Cloud in a section called ‘Game of the Week,’ back when the site started, but it also deserves a place in VGM of the Week. The music to Dark Cloud is very varied and memorable, much like its sequel, Dark Chronicle (or Dark Cloud 2 in the States), which we featured previously. The game takes you to many different locations in the games world, and does a really brilliant job at creating themes and sounds for those locations. It makes them stand apart on their own.

Norn Village
The first village in Dark Cloud gives you this instant feeling of comfort, even with the perils surrounding the world. The game has a unique style to it that mixes Adventure, RPG and Sim elements and an important part of your quest involves rebuilding towns and locations. Each town track becomes something you hear often as you continue to restore those locations and they become associated with the more peaceful gameplay aspect to the game.

This is the theme track to another town/village location in the game. Queens is based near the water and the track perfectly gives a sea/port town vibe with its guitar sound and constant melody. This track really has a certain style to it that the composer, Tomohito Nishiura, uses in a lot of his compositions in games such as Dark Chronicle and The Professor Layton series.

Broken Promise
This track is one of the major themes in Dark Cloud and it’s a really interesting piece. There are two versions of this song in the game, with this track being the Piano version. In the beginning, the track has a slightly grim feel to it but the overall sound turns around towards the end.

This track has a similar feel to it as Queens but it is slightly more fast. The entire track has a feel to it that accompanies the later stages in the story and it brings across the notion of you moving from area to area helping people restore their hometowns, right before you’re off again.

Written by - Michael Villalon for ‘The VG Island’.
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