Video Game Music of the Week - 45

Pokémon Gold & Silver (Game Boy Colour)


New Bark Town, Violet & Olivine City, National Park.

Junichi Masuda
Go Ichinose

Pokémon Gold & Silver did what most sequels strive to do. It delivered an experience that was miles bigger than its predecessor, more refined in many ways and offered a huge post game quest, that was just as big as the main story itself. The game features some music from Pokémon Red and Blue, but the music that really stands out in this adventure are those original tracks that originated from Gold & Silver.

In 2010, remakes for
Gold & Silver were released, featuring enhanced sounds and overall presentation. For this feature, we chose to remain with the original sound version, even though the updated DS versions of each of the tracks are also really well done.

New Bark Town
When you begin a game in any of the Pokémon main series, you start out in a small town, with a single, low-levelled companion. What you achieve through the course of the game is phenomenal, but the music to each of those starting locations always remains synonymous with your first ever moments in your journey. New Bark Town is one of those locations and it’s theme song can be very nostalgic for those who played Gold & Silver when it was first released.

Violet & Olivine City
This track plays in two of the major locations in Gold & Silver. It has this really great grand essence to it that makes it one of those unforgettable and inspirational songs in the game.

National Park
There is something really scenic and tranquil about the theme song to National Park. This type of feeling is difficult to invoke with the limited music range of 8-bit music, but no other song in the game does what National Park does, giving off such a placid and gentle melody in a truly rare way.

Written by - Michael Villalon for ‘The VG Island’.
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