Video Game Music of the Week - 46

Final Fantasy VII (PlayStation)


Tifa’s Theme, Costa Del Sol, Oppressed People, The Great Warrior.

Nobuo Uematsu

First and foremost, there are so many songs from Final Fantasy VII that help in delivering the overall essence of the game. Nearly the entire soundtrack could be placed here, so choosing only four tracks from the game becomes one of the most difficult decisions in VGM of the Week thus far. Instead of featuring some of the most well-known songs from the game such as Aerith’s Theme, One-Winged Angel and the Main Theme, the songs that will appear here will be those tracks that are not so often present in the limelight, but still remain to be favourites to many who love the game.

Tifa’s Theme
There is something about Tifa’s Theme that delivers a notion of lost love and childhood memories. The relationship between Tifa and Cloud is very important to the overall character development and story in Final Fantasy VII. This song does wonders in helping deliver a strong connection between the player and the characters in Final Fantasy VII. This is something that character themes need to do in order to create a strong personality for those characters and its something that the entire Final Fantasy series does better than any other. It’s easier for game creators to get across a story with strong characters as technology increases, but before games took such a realistic approach, the developers needed to really focus on all the aspects of a game that were available to them, such as music. By focusing on the music, they were able to impact players and make them feel for characters that were just small sprites or models on a 4:3 screen.

Costa Del Sol
Costa Del Sol is one of the many ‘fun’ songs in Final Fantasy VII. The track has a unique style that’s not really present elsewhere in the game and it goes to show how diverse the soundtrack really is.

Oppressed People
This is one of the many tracks that plays during the early moments in the game and it stands out as a tribute to that dank and dark starting location of Midgar. The citizens of Midgar can be categorised as either overly rich, or extremely poor with a huge gap between the two. This theme perfectly expresses that feeling of being one of the lower class citizens in a town thats bustling with pollution and poverty.

The Great Warrior
The Great Warrior is a theme song for one of the important character moments in the game. Red XIII joins the team relatively early on, and when you eventually travel to his hometown you learn that Red XIII believes his father was a coward who abandoned his home. Later on, it’s revealed that his father, Seto, actually sacrificed his life to save the village and the main melody in The Great Warrior is synonymous with the story of Red XIII, his village and his father.

Written by - Michael Villalon for ‘The VG Island’.
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