Video Game Music of the Week - 47

Mass Effect (Xbox 360 / PC)


The Normandy, Uncharted Worlds, Spectre Induction

Jack Wall
Sam Hulick
Richard Jacques
David Kates

Mass Effect was released in late 2007 for the Xbox 360 and began a widely popular franchise that has seen releases on PC, PlayStation 3 and a future Wii U release. Mass Effect features a huge variety of worlds and galaxies which are extremely important to the story and you get the overall feeling that you are just a single part of a truly expansive universe. The soundtrack to the game really attempts to elicit a feeling of being part of a bigger picture, as well as an epic and important story.

The Normandy
The Normandy is your ship during the course of
Mass Effect. You are essentially the leader to the people on board and your decisions have weight to them and their individual stories. This track keeps its presence more on the lower side, but the song is always there in the background, lingering around and just waiting for you to make your next move.

Uncharted Worlds
In Mass Effect, you explore many areas of the universe in which you travel to and view via a central hub system. This is the background music to that hub and it’s a song you hear often throughout the game. It has a driving feel to it as if the music itself is backing you up in your choice, but it doesn’t have an over barring feel to it.

Spectre Induction
This song slowly begins to build up from the get go. This track really embodies the whole trilogy and not just the starting point of Mass Effect. It’s very dramatic and has an element to it that feels very much like a science-fiction film score, which is fitting because the way the game plays out feels very much like a true science-fiction tale.

Written by - Michael Villalon for ‘The VG Island’.
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