Video Game Music of the Week - 58

Skies Of Arcadia (Dreamcast)


Battle 1, Military Facility Dungeon, Armada Battle

Yutaka Minobe
Tatsuyuki Maeda

Skies of Arcadia released on the Dreamcast in late 2000 in North America and early 2001 in Australia. The game is a Role-Playing Adventure game developed by Overworks and published by Sega. Skies of Arcadia told a compelling story set in a fantasy world filled with air-pirates and creative environments.

Battle 1
The basic battle theme to
Skies of Arcadia is yet another example of the quality of music that can be found in a wide range of Japanese Role-Playing games. You’ll hear the tune a lot throughout the game and it’s thankful that it’s a delight every time.

Military Facility Dungeon
This track is one of the stand-out songs in the game. It has a persistent backing that becomes the major focus of the tune and all the elements of the song work really well together to create this almost completely uplifting and powerful track.

Armada Battle
Great Role-Playing games have music that truly compliment the characters and story. The Armada Battle music sets the stage for an important battle between the characters, set within the story. The track has these unexpected note hits that almost hit you as you hear it, making you feel effected by the on-screen confrontation.

Written by - Michael Villalon for ‘The VG Island’.
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