Video Game Music of the Week - 61

Crash Bandicoot (PlayStation)


Jungle Rollers/Rolling Stones, N. Sanity Beach, Koala Kong

Mutato Muzika

Although Crash Bandicoot has not been seen for quite some time and is currently sitting in the depths of forgotten video game characters, there was a time when Crash Bandicoot was considered to be a major mascot for the PlayStation system.

The soundtrack has a heavy emphasis on nature sounds, including animals such as monkeys, crickets, exotic birds, owls, elephants and more. The music is very fun at its core, with noticeable tribal qualities.

Jungle Rollers/Rolling Stones
This is one of the tunes with the heavy emphasis on animal sounds that was mentioned earlier. The major draw of the tune is the constant percussion mixed with the heavy bass and mellow wooden xylophone sounds. Layer this with the animal noises and random sounds and you have one very unique song.

N. Sanity Beach
This is the iconic Crash Bandicoot tune that has the ability to blast you back into an early era of PlayStation gaming. The front-of-stage xylophone is the main element of the tune and this specific sound in particular is very persistent in the entire Crash Bandicoot soundtrack.

Koala Kong
Koala Kong starts with a very light melody that jumps into a more deep and full tune. Like with the previous songs there are various sounds that play during random moments and this is one of the key elements of the Crash Bandicoot soundtrack that make it feel very animalistic.

Written by - Michael Villalon for ‘The VG Island’.
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